The Heron Holding Company was founded at the beginning of 2017 based on extensive knowledge on production and design. We have practical understanding of the way small/medium-sized enterprises operate on global markets and cope with strong competition. The company keeps developing dynamically, providing services in the furniture, exhibition and shopping industries.

We stress experience of our staff a lot. Our staff provides customers with knowledge and experience in the furniture industry.

We produce furniture characterized by exceptional form and design. It responds ideally to the latest trends in interior design.

Additionally, the ways of combining various materials and rich colour pallet constitute an additional advantage of our products.

We provide comprehensive furniture for offices, shops, hotels and exhibition spaces.
Our offer is not limited to serial production of furniture as we also engage in custom-made projects.

We serve both small and huge large-area investments. Work of our qualified staff with advanced-technology equipment together with precisely selected materials from the best supplies guarantee top quality of our products.

Just have a look at our offer.